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Welcome to the Hacker toolkit – a selection of “how to” articles, useful links, hacker interviews, tips and tricks for equipment and processes, and lots more juicy nuggets of information designed to get you started on your making journey!

Get started guide…

Hack at Home “whatever the weather” coding challenge

Our friends over at Research Software Engineering have put together a super useful guide on GitHub, which explains how to write a super-minimal Python app – without making things complicated. All you’ll need is a Gmail login and a GitHub account to get started.

The long read…

A beginner’s guide to rapid prototyping

Prototyping is the idea of making something, and rapid is obviously doing that really fast. A prototype can be a very powerful tool to sell your idea. Here Hannah Cameron talks us through rapid prototyping and her top tips on how to get started.

How to…

Print prototypes for product development

3D printing has revolutionised the prototyping and development of physical products. With limited experience, you can rapidly create models or even small-scale production-runs of products with a very quick turnaround from design to realisation.

Useful links

3D Modelling 

Autodesk Fusion 360 cloud-based 3D CAD design tool that’s free to students and academics  

Meshmixer Free software for modelling, making and printing 

3D Printing  

Cura A free 3D printing tool that allows you to generate gcode for Ultimakers 

UP Studio A free 3D printing tool that allows you to send your files to the UP Minis


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