Intro to CAD Workshop

Wednesday 26 May, 2021
Illustration of woman at computer for a learning workshop

Introduction to CAD

About this workshop

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling, using the software package Autodesk Fusion 360, a popular and easy to access software package that can be used to bring your ideas to life, in 3D.

Want to learn about digital design and manufacture?


Whether you have ideas about smart sensing IOT products, to the food of the future, or improvements to test and measurement equipment, CAD is a go-to tool for development.

Learning CAD offers you an almost instant problem-solving perspective, a safe place to understand how your design might work and function without spending any money! It also allows others to collaborate and provide feedback at an early stage, helping you get your project off the ground quicker. And when you are ready for the next step, and your designs are ready to go they can be quickly exported to 3D printers or other methods of manufacturing.

For the team at the Hackspace it’s a no-brainer – an awesome skill to have in your hacking toolkit!

This 2-hour workshop will be run live, with hands-on exercises to put your learning into practice.


Key takeaways

  • Getting started with CAD – learn by doing
  • Understand the basic navigation of the Fusion 360 user interface
  • Learn the basics of effective 3D design
  • Understand the CAD workflow and the advantages of parametric modelling
  • Understand the difference between a sketch and body
  • Learn how to export for 3D printing.

Wednesday 26 May, 2021
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Location: Online (full details to follow)

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