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Hack Surgeries


What is a Hack Surgery?

Hack Surgeries have been designed to give you an opportunity to have a 15 minute video call with members of the Hackspace team to discuss your projects, research, and start-ups. Whether that is troubleshooting support, feedback and advice, or just a friendly sounding board if you have some ideas but are not sure where to get started.

When do they take place?

Every Monday and Tuesday between 10am – 11am. Surgery sessions tend to get booked up quickly, but when it looks busy we try to increase the number of sessions available.

What do I need to prepare?

Just bring your ideas, challenges, and a stable internet connection! If you already have designs or files you would like us to look at ahead of your session please share these when booking your session.

How do I book a surgery?

You can book your surgery session on Calendly. Sign up is simple, just choose your date and time! Calendly will then send you an email confirming your session and all the details you’ll need for the video call, including the meeting link.

Buzzwire game displaying "hackspace"
Buzzwire game displaying "hackspace"