Curious about developing a new tech skill? Then join us at a LevelUP workshop – boost your skills, meet new people and find inspiration and support for your next idea!

What is the LevelUP series about?

A series of pick and mix style introductory workshops designed to boost your technical know-how and help you learn some of the practical skills, tools, and approaches involved in prototyping at the Hackspace.

You can choose to join us at all or select workshops – whether you are looking to build your digital design skills and bring your ideas to life in 3D, or want to learn how to code in 2 hours and programme like a pro, or master the basics of electronics and learn how to design your own electronic circuit board.

We are big believers in learning by doing, so whether you are a designer, chemist, coder or engineer we have got you covered!

Learning outcomes

By the end of this series you’ll have learnt how to:
Know your way around digital design and manufacturing software packages, and be able to bring your ideas to life in 3D.
Design your own hardware equipment, and enhance your hack skills to start or support a future project or idea.
Get started in coding as quickly as possible, with hands-on exercises to put your learning into practice.
Perform essential hardware project skills and create your own take-home electronics.

Who can join?

Open to all current Imperial students and staff.

If you are looking to broaden or refresh your skillset, or if you have an idea but you’re unsure how to get started, then this is the series for you. Most of these workshops are introductory and no previous experience is assumed or required. We will always make it clear if there are workshops that require pre-requisite knowledge.

Key dates

LevelUP is usually run throughout the Spring term. The ’22-’23 timetable is about to go live so keep an eye out on our team and in the LevelUP section of the Members Home on our MS Team


Where will the LevelUP workshops take place?

The LevelUP series will either take place online (live and pre-recorded), or in person in the Advanced Hackspace (White City Campus)

How many places are available at these workshops?

Numbers vary on the skill and equiptment. Sessions are normally between 10 and 30 people although some such as welding will be limited to just 2ppl

Even those online workshops will be capped at a number of participants to ensure the best possible learning experience and offer everyone the chance to get live feedback and answers to questions.

What level are these workshop best suited to?

The workshops have a Level system where we encourage you to have been to all prior levels before signing up to a workshop. In the event description we will list essential and reccomended sessions.

Level 1 will always start with no-prior knowledge required

Is there anything I need to prepare ahead of these workshops?

If you are attending an in-person session at the Advanced Hackspace, you will need to have joined our MS Team and completed the Hackspace Day One Building and Safety Induction, in order to get access to the space. Please ensure you complete this the week before the event to ensure you are granted card access on time.

You may need to download and install some free software ahead of your workshop and bring your own laptop – please refer to the individual workshop pages for further information.

I have a question about a workshop, but not sure who to contact?

Drop us an email on [email protected].