Food Hack 2020

Translating nutritional research into products that impact consumer health

Join us in the fight against Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases with new food products using cutting-edge research in a Hack on 26th-28th Feb 2020.

Academia and participants from the entire food value chain


Food Hack 2020 will bring together experts from across the food industry to bridge the gap between research and the market. Using Sprint & Lean Start Up methodology, multi-disciplinary teams will each design an innovative food proposition which harnesses the health benefits of a natural genetic variation in peas with the ultimate aim of preventing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Begin the Hack with an early idea, and you will finish with a clear product, roadmap, business proposition and pitch. New propositions will be taken forward as proof-of-concepts and will be considered for further development.


Experienced marketing, commercial and technology professionals from SMEs across the food supply chain, including breeders, growers, processors, manufacturers, brands, retailers, consumer insight experts and academia.


Collaborate with specialists across the food supply chain.

Explore emerging consumer needs, expectations and frictions

Practice progressive innovation methodology.

Accelerate research that could impact the lives of millions.
Shape the future food industry and develop innovative health propositions.

26th-28th February, 2020 at the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace

WED 26TH, 6-8PM

Meet Hack participants over drinks.

Learn about the research from leaders in Imperial College London and Quadram Institute.

Explore the opportunity.

Prepare for the next two days.

Network with industry leaders and academics.


Explore consumer challenges to generate dozens of solutions to your brief. Collaboratively narrow down your ideas until a single option is identified. 

Validate your idea and identify supply chain challenges with mentors from SMEs across the food supply chain.


Plan your proof-of-concept and roadmap to market
Define your business model. 

Pitch your idea in front of a panel of academic & corporate experts.

Accelerate cutting-edge research

Imperial College London, Quadram Institute and John Innes Centre Germplasm Resources Unit have identified a natural genetic variation in peas which has a positive impact on controlling blood glucose levels and preventing Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases.

The research was funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (part of UK Research and Innovation) and enabled by the John Innes Centre Germplasm Resources Unit.

For more information on the research, please click here.
If you would like to know more about the programme and the research underpinning the hack, please contact Studio Zao here.


Grab this opportunity for your organisation to engage with breakthrough nutrition research


Imperial College London, Quadram Institute and John Innes Centre own IP related to modified pea varieties and processing methods for potential applications in a range of novel, health-promoting foods. Participants may have their own background IP relevant to this process and as such all information disclosed by all parties during Food Hack 2020 will remain confidential.

The outputs from Food Hack 2020 will remain the property of Imperial College London, Quadram Institute and John Innes Centre, but we are looking to develop partnerships with organisations for individual ventures based on these outputs.

Food Hack 2020 is a collaboration between Imperial College London and Studio Zao, an innovation studio who specialise in helping organisations to innovate through intrapreneurship. They help set provable innovation strategies and deliver innovation programmes, while training teams to be the drivers of transformation in a variety of sectors, including healthcare and wellbeing.