Hackstarter: Terms & Conditions

By applying to Hackstarter 2023-24 (referred to hereafter as Hackstarter), you (and all your team members if relevant) are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined below.  

Programme Entrance Criteria / Eligibility

  • All registered undergraduate and postgraduate (full-time or part-time) Imperial College London students and all current Imperial College staff are eligible to apply to Hackstarter and present their learnings in the End of Programme Symposium/Demo Day. 
  • All student applicants must be registered students of Imperial College London throughout the duration of Hackstarter. 
  • Applicants can apply as single applicants or as leaders of a team. 


Programme Participation – Fund Conditions

  • The assessment of entries will be made by an internal shortlisting panel and assessed against the criteria in the application form. 
    • Participants must have, or intend to obtain in the course of Hackstarter, the necessary skills & expertise to deliver the work needed over the programme period. 
    • Participants must present achievable and realistic goals. 
  • The lead participant, or a nominated team member, must attend all the identified events below unless i) agreed in writing in advance with the Advanced Hackspace team or ii) extenuating circumstances exist where the Advanced Hackspace is notified in advance. Failure of a team representative to attend the events will result in remaining funds being cancelled. All other team members are encouraged to attend events. Key dates of the programme are detailed on the website and include: 
    • Hackstarter Welcome and Orientation 
    • Hackstarter Progress Update 
    • Hackstarter End of Programme Symposium. 
  • Teams or individuals awarded funding from Hackstarter will be notified of their award by the Advanced Hackspace. Funding for selected projects will only be awarded as a Hackspace voucher to be used on purchasing project consumables through the Hackspace. A voucher with a value of £500 will be awarded to each selected project. These vouchers will expire on the date of the Hackstarter End of Programme Symposium, with the exception of any winning teams who will retain any remaining funds in addition to their final award. Unclaimed funds on vouchers for other teams will not be available after this date. 
  • The Advanced Hackspace will award the selected winner (either as an individual or team) a single Hackspace voucher with a value of £2500 to be spent on further project development at the Hackspace. Runner-up prizes of £500 may be awarded to other teams. The vouchers will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the Hackstarter End of Programme Symposium. Unclaimed funds on vouchers will not be available after this date. 
  • If there is to be any deviation as to how the funds should be spent for prototyping activities other than outlined in the original application, teams should notify the Advanced Hackspace in writing to get confirmation that they can go ahead.  
  • All deadlines listed or that relate to the Hackstarter programme may be changed at any time, at the discretion of the Advanced Hackspace. Any changes to these dates will be notified by email to the Team Lead. The Advanced Hackspace reserves the right, at their discretion, to cancel the Hackstarter programme. The Advanced Hackspace may withdraw vouchers if they are not used for the purposes claimed. The Advanced Hackspace may remove teams or individuals from the programme.

Programme Marketing

  • By taking part in Hackstarter you are agreeing that you will participate in any associated media activities and that you are providing consent and authorisation for the use of any marketing materials obtained during the duration of the Hackstarter (eg: photographs, videos or quotes). 
  • Imperial College London reserves the right to publish the names and photographs of the Hackstarter participants, and prize winners may be required to participate in post-Hackstarter appearances and publicity including press releases and speaking at further events. 
  • By taking part in the Hackstarter, participants agree to receiving email communications from the Advanced Hackspace directly relating to the Hackstarter and to associated opportunities. 
  • When requested, participants will provide appropriate information about their project for publicity purposes, and bear the responsibility of ensuring their Intellectual Property is protected in these instances. 
  • Hackstarter participants commit to referencing their participation in Hackstarter in pitches, presentations/talks or online communication referencing their venture. For example, on their LinkedIn, website, pitch decks. 

Programme Participation

  • Each applicant must familiarise themselves with and comply with Imperial College London’s Intellectual Property Policy 
  • Participants commit to giving feedback on Hackstarter components (for example masterclasses, coaching and training) and skills development when asked by the Advanced Hackspace.  
  • At all stages of Hackstarter, the judging panel’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  • Participants who fail to complete Hackstarter requirements may be removed from Hackstarter and not be eligible to partake in future programmes. Hackspace Vouchers for any participants that are removed will be cancelled. 

Maintaining Confidentiality

As a participant of Hackstarter participants agree to maintain the confidentiality of other participants’ information. Confidential information includes any information that is imparted by a participant that is: 

  • provided in documentary/ model or any other tangible form, including any copies; 
  • provided in oral form and any note recording the disclosure; and 
  • marked or otherwise designated to show expressly or by necessary implication that it is imparted in confidence.

By entering Hackstarter, applicants are indicating their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.