Prototype Fund

If you are looking to make your idea a reality, experiment and innovate, then look no further! Develop new skills and put your theories to the test with the Prototype Fund.



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What is the Prototype Fund?

The Prototype Fund (formerly Boost Grants) is designed to turn your inspiring, inventive and entrepreneurial ideas into a reality, providing early stage ideas with the necessary cash boost (grant funding) to get off the ground.

Participants can apply individually or in teams to receive up to £500-£1000 to develop a working physical prototype of your idea at the Hackspace with technical support and guidance from the Hackspace team.

If you are still wondering whether an idea is worth pursuing, you might also want to check out the Discovery Fund!

Learning outcomes

By the end of this programme you’ll have learnt how to:


Develop an idea from first concept to a prototype


Navigate the rapid prototyping journey and convert ideas into working prototypes


Design prototyping experiments to help validate, refine or discredit an idea quickly.


Use new skills and approaches to design (physical) prototypes

Don’t just take our word for it

Need more inspiration? Read more about previous Prototype Fund (formerly Boost Grants) winning teams Multus Media, Freshcheck, Bladebug, and VUI Diagnostics, to name a few.